about SBLC

SBLC helps with the transition to a sustainable energy system. 

Smart Building Life Cycle (SBLC) is a young company in the technical services sector. Its focus is on analysing the energy performance of buildings, presenting the options for improving it, and the budgets needed to do this, on various levels: individual, street, neighbourhood, local authority area or portfolio.

The government aims to achieve ambitious targets for energy savings and CO2 reduction by 2050. Local councils, housing associations, owners’ association managers and homeowners are crucially important for a successful energy transition.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find all the information required to determine what is needed to make buildings more sustainable – so reducing energy consumption – and the costs and benefits of this, in a single place?

SBLC makes the spread out building information to make buildings sustainable in a cost-conscious, results-oriented manner available in one place. With Cuby you save time and money. You no longer have to waste time and money searching for all the right information.


This is why SBLC is introducing Cuby, your support application. With Cuby, SBLC can provide the right insights into how to make buildings more sustainable and how to reduce energy consumption per household. Cuby not only provides insight into where the best opportunities for energy savings are, and what measures need to be taken: the cost model also shows the costs involved and what returns can be expected. Whether you’re a municipalatie, house-owner association, housing association or commercial property owner, you can then make well-founded choices.


Support and advice

We are convinced that with Cuby our clients can be completely self-reliant when implementing their sustainability policy or informing residents about the potential of the energy transition for their home. 

But SBLC also offers support for local councils, housing associations and owners’ association managers, for example in informing residents about possible adjustments to the home for better living comfort and energy savings and applying for the necessary subsidies.

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