Housing associations

Housing associations have an important role in the climate agreement. They own many properties and are therefore an important discussion partner for local councils in the energy transition.

The energy transition requires a future-proof portfolio strategy for housing associations that takes the necessary sustainability into account. Having good and complete building information is crucial for drawing up a good, but above all feasible, portfolio strategy.

Cuby has been developed to support housing association portfolio managers, for example, in making their buildings more sustainable in a cost-conscious and result-oriented way.


Cuby – SBLC’s implementation support application – imports relevant data from various public data sources and augments this data using SBLC’s own uniquely developed algorithms. Cuby is linked to the database of the housing association in order to provide a complete picture with relevant data.

As a portfolio manager, you can search specifically for building information by, for example, searching for a specific residence or street, building type or energy label.

With Cuby, all the building information and transition costs are visible with a single mouse click. If you want to know what the costs are to make an individual home more sustainable, click on transition costs and you will gain insight into the cost indication per sustainability step, or label step per home.

This clear and insightful information makes it easier to start a conversation with tenants. They are not usually enthusiastic about renovation projects in their neighbourhood, street or home. But based on a report from Cuby, a clear story can be told to involve residents in the energy transition process.


Unique building information

In addition to data from existing public data sources, Cuby also uses unique data that is supplemented by SBLC, such as the surface area of the façade, façade openings and roof area. This allows Cuby to accurately calculate energy transition costs.

Altijd up-to-date-Cuby-SLBC

Always up to date

The various data sources that Cuby works with are consulted anew every time the user starts up Cuby. This ensures that Cuby always works with the latest available data.


Better insight through filters

Cuby offers the option to filter by different information types and data flows. As a result, the status of the selected buildings is displayed faster and more transparently, and the resulting report is unique to the user.


Clear insight into costs

In addition to providing insight into real estate data, Cuby also directly calculates the transition costs per intervention. This makes it much easier for housing associations to create a future-proof portfolio strategy and implement it.

Handvaten voor handelen-Cuby-SLBC

Focus on action

Cuby provides housing associations with the right tools to act more easily. With the data from Cuby, housing associations can easily draw up a clear story for tenants. It’s easier to gain an insight into future benefits in terms of savings and improvement in living comfort for residents.


Tailored to every user

SBLC can add specific datasets to Cuby for each user. This makes Cuby unique for every user, and therefore suitable for anyone’s specific needs and purposes.

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