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We also put the technical heating puzzle together

The narrative drawn up by the NLPW offers a perspective for action, provides direction and emphasizes what is essential for the local heat transition. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle in their hands.

But how do you ensure that the information puzzle is successfully completed?

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Empower energy officials 

Energy officials play an essential role in creating a sustainable energy future for municipalities.

Access to crucial technical information is very important for the construction of heating networks.

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Heard at the Warmth Congrestival in Nijkerk

At the Congrestival, two striking parallel sessions were held on the introduction of the Collective Heat Act (WcW) in 2025. These sessions discussed what the WcW means for the roles and responsibilities of participants in the generation, transport and release of sustainably generated heat.

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Energy coaches are an important tool in the transition to sustainable homes. They have a bridge function towards residents. The challenge for energy coaches is to be able to make the sustainability options really concrete for residents.

An energy coach who is well prepared can really make the difference.

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The advance of Digital Twins in urban renewal

With Earth Valley to the Intergeo 2022 in Germany

SBLC explores the approach to the energy transition in Germany on a trade mission from Earth Valley to the Intergeo fair in Essen. The conclusion is that there are opportunities for Cuby, particularly in the Ruhr area, with a focus on reducing the CO2 footprint of homes.

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Launch Cuby on theme market

Report of the meeting

On Thursday 26th of January, SBLC was one of the ten companies that were allowed to participate in the theme market "Digital tools for the expiry of citizen participation in the energy transition" of Province of Overijssel.

It was an extremely inspiring meeting.

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In the news: the energy crisis

Unfortunately, in recent weeks, the news and in the newspapers have been talking about nothing but more than the energy crisis. Gas and electricity are unprecedentedly expensive, energy poverty is over and will only increase in the near future. What can the government, companies and individuals do to get through this crisis in the best possible way?

Cuby can help with that!

Continuous update from Cuby

Although we launched Cuby fairly recently, we are continuously looking and investigating how we can improve Cuby. By maintaining frequent dialogue with our clients, we gain many insights that we want to act on quickly. Our developers have recently delivered some new features.

Curious about the new features?

We have moved

With the recent introduction of Cuby and our renewed websitem it was also time for a new workplace. We have moved and are now located at the A.J. Ernststraat in Amsterdam. Close to the Zuidas and easily accessible by both public transport and by car.


SBLC introduces Cuby

Smart Building Life Cycle arose from the frustration that building information does exist but is not centrally available to make existing buildings more sustainable in a cost-conscious an result-oriented way.

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