Home-owners’ association managers

Home-owners’ association managers take a lot of work off the hands of homeowners and owners’ association administrators. In addition to an administrative role, taking care of maintenance and looking after the common interests of the owners, it is the task of an owners’ association manager to advise and guide owners when it comes to making the building more sustainable.

In the light of their position in the housing market, owners’ association managers play an important role in making the housing stock in the Netherlands more sustainable. Cuby can help with this.

In order to be able to draw up plans for making a complex more sustainable and to implement them properly later, it is crucial to have good, complete building information.


Cuby – the implementation-supporting application from SBLC – has been developed to support owners’ association managers in making homes more sustainable in a cost-conscious and results-oriented way.

Cuby imports relevant data from various public data sources and supplements this data using SBLC’s own uniquely developed algorithms. Unique data sets from the owners’ association can also be linked to Cuby in order to provide a complete picture with relevant data.

Cuby visualizes the current situation and potential of a building – for example, the year of construction of the complex, the surface area of the homes, roof and facade, the current energy label and energy consumption, and the potential for sustainability options, including the costs involved.

With all this data from Cuby, you gain valuable insights. You can prioritize projects and discover connections in order to make the best use of space, money and resources. This clear and insightful information also makes it easier to start a conversation with the homeowners.

The options are clear, the costs and also the eventual savings are listed, and it’s easier to tell a good story about improved living comfort and upgrading the home.

 In addition to offering the Cuby application, SBLC can also help owners’ association managers find financing for energy transition costs by applying for subsidies.

Informatie in een oogopslag-Cuby-SLBC

Information at a glance

Cuby has been developed to convert the collected data into clear and usable information. Cuby shows the current energy and building performance at a glance, as well as the options for making a building more sustainable.


Scale up and downs

Cuby not only offers insight at city and neighbourhood levels: its data analysis is so detailed that understanding sustainability and energy-consumption reduction is possible even at street and building levels.



Cuby is extremely user-friendly due to its clear system and structure. After a short training session, anyone can get started right away. Selections or filters made can be saved per project. This makes working with Cuby highly efficient.


Better insight through filters

Cuby offers the option to filter by different information types and data flows. As a result, the status of the selected buildings is displayed faster and more transparently, and the resulting report is unique to the user. For example, every owners’ association manager has access to their own portfolio.


Clear insight into costs

In addition to providing insight into real estate data, Cuby also directly calculates the transition costs per intervention. This makes policy making and policy implementation much easier in practice.


Unique building information

In addition to data from existing public data sources, Cuby also uses unique data supplied by SBLC, such as the surface area of the façade, roof and façade openings. This allows Cuby to calculate energy transition costs accurately.

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