Transform to a Sustainable Energy System

In order to achieve the Paris climate agreement target, the Netherlands’ energy supply must be almost completely sustainable by 2050. But how do you execute the energy transition to meet the target as a local council, housing association or home-owners’ association manager?

Gain insight with Cuby!

To lend a helping hand SBLC introduces Cuby, the implementation support application. Cuby imports relevant building data from various public data sources.

With this data, Cuby helps you gain insight into your neighbourhood, street or building’s sustainability options and associated transition costs.


How Cuby Can Help


Unique building information

In addition to data from existing public data sources, Cuby also uses unique data as supplemented by SBLC – for example, the surface area of the façade, roof and façade openings. This allows Cuby to accurately calculate your energy transition costs.


Scale up or down

Cuby offers you more than just insight at city and neighbourhood levels: its data analysis is so detailed that understanding sustainability and energy consumption reduction is possible even at street and building levels.



Cuby is extremely user-friendly due to its clear system and structure. After a brief introduction, anyone can get started right away, Selections or filters made can be saved per project. This makes working with Cuby highly efficient.


Clear insight into costs

In addition to providing insight into real estate data, Cuby also directly calculates the indicative transition costs per intervention. This makes it much easier to make choices and put your chosen policies into practice.

Get Insights into Your Building with Cuby




Home-owners associations


housing associations



SBLC introduces Cuby

Smart Building Life Cycle arose from the frustration that building information does exist but is not centrally available to make existing buildings more sustainable in a cost-conscious and result-oriented way.

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