Our Team

SBLC was started in 2018 by four entrepreneurs, each with many years of experience in property management, construction cost management, automation, and planning climate and energy objectives. Since then, we have grown into a team of six. We’d like to introduce ourselves.

Aart van der Vlist

Aart is an entrepreneur, optimist and bon vivant. His experience as an architect has taught Aart how to convert building owners’ requirements and wishes into building information that suppliers can use to draw up quotations and carry out sustainability projects. He likes empowering people, whether individually or in teams. He has a preference for complex construction issues, which he makes manageable using his creative talents.

Edgar van den Broek

As an experienced construction cost manager, Edgar knows which building information is important for making existing buildings more sustainable in a cost-conscious and results-oriented manner. In addition, Edgar brings structure to the most complex projects. As our inhouse maths genius, he’s also behind our applied algorithms and calculations.

Robbert Noorland 

Robbert has many years of experience as a construction cost expert. He can determine energy transition costs from building information and then purchase centrally from suppliers of building products. Commercially strong, he can also articulate the client’s requirements and translate them into what they actually need like no one else.

Frits Keij

With his experience as a digital platform developer, Frits knows what it takes to build a user-friendly building information platform. His know-how stretches from the consultancy profession to the technology behind our application. Frits is an energetic and innovative leader who is constantly innovating to come up with new solutions for better and more efficient work processes. He always thinks in terms of opportunities and solutions.

Stefanie Huijbregts

Stefanie is a go-getter who likes to really get her teeth into things to figure them out. Stefanie supports our team with acquisition: from finding contacts to sending mailings and making appointments. She also keeps track of all our calendars. When Stefanie is around, we know everything will be okay.

Mandy Lagerweij

Mandy is our rock. Her calm, structured approach is a great addition to all our current projects. Mandy makes sure that everyone in our team knows what to do. She also guides clients in implementing Cuby. With Mandy in our team, everything runs smoothly.


Cuby is the brains at SBLC and has recently stepped into the limelight. Cuby knows everything about real estate data and can clearly visualize building information and transition costs like no one else. Cuby is there for us, and even more for our clients. 

Do you want to know more about what Cuby can do?


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