Cuby Who?

Hi, I’m Cuby. I’m the brains at SBLC and I love helping local councils, housing associations, owners' associations managers and commercial property owners to shape their energy transition policy and promote resident participation. I collect as much real estate data about your city, neighbourhood, street or home as I can. Then I tell you everything about the energy consumption in your area or building, how you can make it more sustainable, and what that will cost.


How do I work exactly?

Happy to explain! I import relevant data from various public data sources and supplement that data using my own uniquely developed algorithms. I then link this data to individual buildings and show the data on individual, street, neighbourhood and local area levels in relation to each other. I present the information clearly and at a glance so that it’s easy to understand for everyone.

Accurate calculations

Using all the information I’ve collected, I then make an accurate indicative calculation of the energy transition costs. In this way you – as an energy coach for the local council, housing association or owners’ association manager, for example – will find it easier to generate support among your stakeholders. After all, they get a clear and honest picture of the impact of the plans on their living environment, and they will know exactly what the renovation of their home will cost. You can then immediately place your tender with construction product suppliers.


Tailored to every user

If you have specific datasets that apply to your portfolio, I will include them so that I have access to even more unique information in order to make the right calculations for you.





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