Local councils must implement the Dutch government’s ambitious plan of the to get the whole of the Netherlands off gas by 2050 in order to achieve the Paris climate agreement target. But where do you start with natural gas-free neighbourhoods? And where in your local authority area can you find the most promising places for becoming more sustainable? Having accurate and complete building information is crucial for the successful progress of sustainability projects.

Cuby has been developed to retrieve current information from various public information sources and prepare it for use in the development and implementation of the neighbourhood implementation plan (the Wijkuitvoeringsplan or WUP) within the energy transition.


Cuby imports relevant data from various public data sources and supplements this data using SBLC’s own uniquely developed algorithms. Cuby then links all the data to individual buildings and shows it in relation to other data on an individual, street, neighbourhood and local authority level.

Due to the mutual connections that Cuby makes, program managers, together with their energy coaches, can determine the right policy plan with regard to the energy transition and implement it more efficiently.

Cuby visualizes the current situation and the possibilities for a neighbourhood or home. For example, it considers the year of construction of the homes, the surface area of the floor, roof and façade, the current energy label and energy consumption, and the potential of sustainability options, including the associated costs.

With clear information, the energy coach can provide homeowners with immediate insight into the sustainability options and help them with (joint) purchasing from suppliers or applying for a subsidy.

Efficiënter werken-Cuby-SLBC

Work more efficiently

On the basis of the building data that Cuby collects, local councils can quickly locate in which of their districts they can achieve the greatest results in their energy transition. This contributes to faster decision-making.



Cuby has been developed in such a way that every council energy coach, after a brief training session, is completely self-reliant in supplying building information to homeowners. The information is displayed clearly and at a glance.


Scale up or down

Cuby not only offers insight at city and neighbourhood levels: its data analysis is so detailed that understanding sustainability and energy-consumption reduction is possible even at street and building levels.

Handvaten voor handelen-Cuby-SLBC

Focus on action

The council offers homeowners and tenants the right tools to act on, based on the building information and transition cost indication from Cuby. Private individuals know immediately where they stand in terms of costs and improvements.

Altijd up-to-date-Cuby-SLBC

Always up to date

The various data sources that Cuby works with are consulted anew every time the user starts up Cuby. This ensures that Cuby always works with the latest available data.


Clear insight into costs

In addition to providing insight into real estate data, Cuby also directly calculates the transition costs per intervention. This immediately clarifies the preparation and realization of a neighbourhood implementation plan (WUP) for local councils.

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