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The transition to sustainable housing is critical to addressing the challenges of climate change. The use of energy coaches is a valuable instrument to make residents aware of the possibilities and to motivate them to make their homes more sustainable. They can, if properly prepared, make a difference.

Bridge function
Energy coaches act as bridges between the municipality, experts and residents. They are well informed about sustainable technologies, energy-saving measures and subsidies. Through a personal approach and neighborhood meetings, they create awareness among residents about the benefits of sustainability, such as lower energy bills, comfort and a smaller ecological footprint.

Show, don't tell
It is important to make concrete sustainability options together with residents. Using building data to show where and how they can improve their home is crucial. By analyzing energy consumption patterns, energy coaches can provide targeted advice to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Collective approach
Collective purchasing is another powerful tool that energy coaches use. With building data, energy coaches can see which streets and neighborhoods can make the same type of sustainability improvement. They can encourage residents to unite and jointly purchase products and services. This can save residents time and provide attractive discounts. This not only promotes cost reduction, but also makes sustainable technologies accessible to a wider audience.

Starter motor
Energy coaches can be the starting engine behind the transformation to environmentally friendly and future-proof homes, benefiting both residents and the environment.

Send the energy coaches on their way with good building information and useful practical cost indications for making homes more sustainable. The Cuby platform, which has been set up for this purpose, offers energy coaches something to hold on to!

Do you want to know how Cuby can help the energy coaches? Let us know!

Please contact  Aart van der Vlist, aart@sblc.nl

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