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Empower energy officials 


In the rapidly evolving world of energy transition, where practical action and innovative solutions are crucial, energy officials play an essential role. These visionary professionals are adept at building support, guiding design decisions in networks and planning connections at a level that maximizes opportunities for synergy. They are familiar with facilitating financing and coordinating tasks at district level, and have a "roll up your sleeves" mentality that is indispensable in pursuing energy transition goals.

In her recently published essay in VNG Magazine, Laetitia Ouillet emphasizes the importance of these energy officials and the crucial role they play in creating a sustainable energy future for municipalities. These energy officials excel in many aspects of their work, but they often lack an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of heating networks - an essential part of the energy transition.

Solid base
How can we ensure that these energy officials have quick and easy access to the technical information they need to create the right conditions for future users, financiers, builders and suppliers of heating networks? This is the question before us and to which we must find an effective answer.

The answer lies in the development of a well-thought-out approach, specially designed for the practice in which energy officials function. This approach must be based on practical experience and provide a solid basis for developing and evaluating different scenarios for future heating networks. The goal is to provide energy officials with the technical content information they need, on their request and at their fingertips.

Time for empowerment
The time has come to provide these practical energy officials with the tools they need to shape the future of heating networks. Through joint efforts and collaboration with a strong focus on technical knowledge transfer, we can create a sustainable energy future in which practical action and innovation go hand in hand. Together we can create an effective strategy to empower energy officials by enabling them to move forward in the energy transition with confidence and knowledge.

We have developed a workshop in which energy officials experience how they are empowered by gaining access to technical content information with Cuby and thus creating the right conditions for users of the heating network.

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