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Unfortunately, in recent weeks, the news and in the newspapers have been talking about nothing but than the energy crisis. Gas and electricity are unprecedentedly expensive, energy poverty is over and will only increase in the near future. What can the government, companies and individuals do to get through this crisis in the best possible way?

In September, the government presented its plans for a new support package for 2023 and there are various compensation schemes for provinces and municipalities. For example, the price ceiling will provide some relief for a large portion of small consumers. But despite these plans, the small-scale consumer is anxiously waiting for the annual accounts in hopes of being able to get by. Many private individuals no longer have the money to make the house more sustainable after paying the annual accounts.

It is very important for provinces and municipalities that they optimally use their subsidy pot to combat the existing but increasing energy poverty. And it is precisely in those places where the average income is low and the houses are old or poorly maintained that energy poverty is high.

Cuby as an ideal tool
Cuby provides municipalities with insight into the most promising places – from neighborhoods to streets – to become more sustainable. In Cuby you can filter by energy label, energy consumption and income. And it is precisely the combination of those three that is perhaps the key to success. People with a low income and a poorly insulated house will use less energy than people with a high income because they simply cannot pay the bill. And it is precisely with this information from Cuby that the municipality can approach residents in a targeted and active way. They can draw their attention to the possibilities for sustainability and which subsidies can be applied for. In this way, the subsidy money from the provinces and municipalities is optimally used.

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