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Make the Future of your building Sustainable and Cost-Saving!


As a manager, have you already considered how much your Owners' Associations (VvE's) can save on the Multi-Year Maintenance Plan (MJOP) through smart investment measures that reduce energy consumption? Measures that do more than save money on the bill; it is an investment in the future of your building and the planet. Sustainability measures not only reduce costs and CO2, but also ensure increased living comfort. The government also has favorable financing options and subsidies available. That offers great opportunities!

Smart Building Life Cycle (SBLC) is an expert partner in building management and maintenance for (operators of) homeowners' associations. As a leading independent consultancy firm, we are experts in providing clear insight into the maintenance status of real estate and providing sustainable solutions. We use our Cuby platform for this. Our goal is to help homeowners' associations like yours transform their buildings into affordable, comfortable, greener and future-proof assets.

Our expert advisors guide you step by step to an energy-saving MJOP:

  1. A thorough feasibility study to explore the possibilities.
  2. Sound advice on which sustainability measures yield the most returns for your homeowners' association.
  3. Assistance with the decision-making process.
  4. Once the decision has been made, we will assist with the preparation and any financing applications.
  5. We supervise the implementation and ensure quality controls.

Your homeowners' association may be able to benefit from attractive financing options, such as government subsidies and special loans for sustainability initiatives. With SBLC at your side, this process is arranged easily and efficiently.

Together we build a greener, cost-saving and more comfortable future for your homeowners' association(s)!

Are you looking for an expert partner in building management and maintenance?

Contact Robbert Noorland, robbert@sblc.nl or Aart van der Vlist, aart@sblc.nl

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