Intergeo 2022

The advance of Digital Twins in urban renewal


With Earth Valley to the Intergeo 2022 in Germany

A visit to the Intergeo 2022 fair in Essen for the latest developments with digital twins in urban development.

Earth Valley
Since 2022, ROM Utrecht Region has been building an ecosystem in the Province of Utrecht with companies and institutions that are active with geodata. SBLC also participate in this ecosystem called Earth Valley. At the end of 2022, ROM Utrecht Region organized a trade mission from Earth Valley to the Intergeo fair in Essen, Germany.

Digital twins and climate change
“Digital Twinning and Climate Protection” was the main theme at the fair. Digital twins play an important role in the development of urban data platforms in the context of smart cities. Increasing attention is being paid to Digital Twins and the potential that this offers for solutions to social issues such as the mobility of tomorrow, urban planning or responding to climate change. By connecting the digital twin with other data from different systems, enormous value is added. For example, information about precipitation in a certain area combined with terrain information makes it possible to make better predictions about possible flood risks. What stood out in conversations at the fair is that the approach to the energy transition in Germany is organized differently than in the Netherlands. Cities in the Ruhr area are working on programs to reduce the CO2 footprint of homes. A Digital Twin, where geodata and building information can be brought together and visualized interactively in 3D, such as with the Cuby platform, does not exist in Germany.

The interesting contacts we have made, thanks to the ROM Utrecht Region, clearly offer opportunities there for Cuby, the digital twin for the energy transition.

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