10 years of working together on a successful heating network based on the right building information


Local residents and energy officials from the Municipality will work for perhaps 10 years to jointly realize the heating network.

In this story we emphasize the technical and financial feasibility of the future heating network. Of course, this is only part of the entire decision-making process and implementation of the project, but we often see that the technical and financial calculations for the heating network scenarios are incorrect based on incorrect building information. That's a shame and isn't necessary.

The correct building information as a basis
Correct building information is now publicly accessible, but must be processed to be suitable for use in various expert calculation models. Consider, for example, the cost estimate of gradually re-insulating an individual home.

Correct building information also helps determine the new heat demand when all homes in the district have at least shell label B, for example.

Practical key figures
There are more and more current key figures from practice and good expert calculation models available for calculating the construction and operating costs of the heating network. And here too the following applies: input of the correct building information into the calculation models of experts determines the reliability of the technical and financial outcome for the future heating network. This way you can build on the technical and financial part of the project.

Collaborate in the digital spatial model of the neighborhood
The digital spatial model of the neighborhood helps not to get lost in the forest of large amounts of information. Especially when you know that you may have to spend 10 years working together to realize the heating network.

Would you like to know more about the correct construction dates and key figures from practice?

Please contact Aart van der Vlist, aart@sblc.nl

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