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Report of the meeting

On 26 January '23, the Province of Overijssel organized a 'Theme Market Residents and Heat' in Theater ZiNiN (Nijverdal). The aim of the market was to acquaint communication advisors and project and program managers of 25 municipalities with smart data tools that can support them in the Neighborhood Implementation Plans and Citizen Participation. SBLC was one of the ten companies that were allowed to participate in the theme market of the Province of Overijssel.

From policy to implementation with citizens
It is up to municipalities to draw up concrete neighborhood plans to reduce heat demand and CO2 emissions in order to contribute to achieving the goals of the Climate Agreement. Most municipalities have drawn up policy plans. The challenge now is to implement these plans. When developing Neighborhood Implementation Plans, they must take account of regional and national frameworks, the interests of business stakeholders and citizens.

“Resident participation is indispensable for the cooperation within the energy transition between residents, municipalities and local energy initiatives” (Province of Overijssel).

The meeting was attended by a large number of municipalities from the province. The ten companies offered a broad insight into the resources that can be used for resident participation in practice.

Launch Cube
SBLC used this theme market to present Cuby to a large group of interested professionals. Existing available data tools are very suitable for developing heat visions and policy plans. More is needed to concretise plans at district level and to include residents and homeowners. Cuby is a self-service platform for municipal program managers just before the implementation phase. In order to investigate the feasibility of, for example, the construction of heat networks, municipalities need insight into detailed information about homes, streets, neighborhoods and districts. That information is not readily available at the moment. In Cuby, detailed building information of homes throughout the Netherlands is brought together in a clear manner, whereby analyzes can be performed at building, street, neighborhood and district level.

Impact dates
The SLBC workshop was very well attended and was about the positive impact that reliable data has on the policy and implementation of the energy transition in the municipalities involved. In addition to an explanation of how Cuby helps municipalities in shaping and implementing transition policy, there was lively discussion about the possibilities that Cuby can offer those involved in several areas. During the Cuby demo, those present could experience for themselves how easy to use Cuby is, while complex calculations and combinations of data are performed in the background.

Transparency for all stakeholders
Participants were very surprised that with Cuby they can meet the needs of citizens and business stakeholders (for example network operators, energy suppliers and financiers) for building information and cost indications.

The question they all have is:

“How do we, as a (small or medium-sized) municipality, make the step towards making building information and cost indications available?”

We think the answer to that question is clear!

Many ideas and opportunities for cooperation were exchanged between the companies present and follow-up appointments were planned. The meeting ended with a buffet and a networking drink, where the conversations continued in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thanks to the Province of Overijssel for the fruitful meeting!

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