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We also put the technical heating puzzle together


In the document “Narratief Lokale Warmtetransitie” Het narratief , the NPLW states: By 2050, every building will be natural gas-free. In the Climate Agreement (2019), we agreed that by 2030, 1.5 million homes and other buildings will be made more sustainable or natural gas-free under the direction of the municipalities. This necessary transition can only succeed if all parties involved – governments, corporations, grid operators, energy companies, homeowners, tenants and installers, social institutions, residents' collectives and companies – each contribute to this shared goal based on their own responsibility. This means that homeowners and tenants must also understand what the transition entails for their home and be able to support it.

Everyone has a piece of the puzzle in their hands. Together we make completing the information puzzle a success!

Reliable and complete
Technical information is essential for the success of heating projects. It is great to see that so many energy officials and residents are involved in heating projects, even if they are not technically trained. Although understanding this information may initially be challenging, it actually provides a great opportunity for growth and learning.

Upon inquiry, energy officials and residents appeared to have a need for insight into the reliability and completeness of the technical information.

Understandable for everyone
It also turned out that they are very helped if the technical information during the design and implementation period is not in the form of a spreadsheet, but in the form of the visualization of the plan area that is shared with them. This allows them to maintain control over the correct conditions for future heat customers.

Knowing where you stand as a homeowner and tenant
The local heat transition vision provides clarity about the scenarios per district and neighborhood.

Roughly speaking, four scenarios are possible (see  Het narratief) in which:

    1. The construction of a heating network is expected to start in the next 10 years;
    2. A different collective approach is provided (for example joint insulation);
    3. All-electric heat pumps are technically the best possible option;
    4. It is not yet clear what the best possible option is for the next 10 years.

Future heat per home
The information puzzle must consist of the puzzle pieces that allow everyone to determine the right conditions for the consumption of future heat.

Energy officials, according to a predetermined list, collect puzzle pieces with technical information for the heating scenario that suits the district or neighborhood in the heating plan.

Accurate cost indication per inhabitant
The pieces of the information puzzle can be linked at the location of the heating project and visualized in a comprehensible way for everyone in the district or neighborhood. When the puzzle is complete, the technical information from the puzzle can be used for accurate cost indications of the heating project for home owners and tenants. Then, based on all available information, specific advice can be requested from experts for the realization of heat sources and the supply of future heat.

In the coming blogs we will explore and expand on this topic further.

Technical information as a source of power for collaboration in the heat transition

      1. How do you get reliable and complete information?
      2. How do you make technical information understandable?
      3. How do you calculate the accurate cost indication?

Would you like to know more or solve the technical information puzzle without technical training?

Please contact Aart van der Vlist, aart@sblc.nl

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